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 Paris Fine Art Street Photography

Beyond the postcard



the first time you ever visited Paris?

Not believing that you really were here, getting lost amidst the crowds and observing the history all around you?

This buzzing city, a bit frightening at first, which later grew on you.


or maybe

your first contact with Paris was through one of the films by François Truffaut?

Running out of breath on the streets of Paris with rebellious school boys.

Or you had the scare of your life time with Frantic by Roman Polanski?

Did you walk up and down the hills of Montmartre like

Amélie Poulain in Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s dreamlike film?


Let me Guess,

you have spent hours immersed in the works of the masters of street photography who have left behind them a legacy of Paris:

Henri Cartier-Bresson, BrassaÏ or Willy Ronis?

Just to mention my personal favorites…


Or maybe you are dreaming about a romantic trip to Paris?

Une petite escapade à deux…..

Lost in the arms of your one and only?


or perhaps

you are a lover of French literature and have been here through the pages of

Emile Zola, Victor Hugo or Daniel Pennac?

or maybe you prefer molière?



or even better

perhaps your first visit here is yet to come?

Maybe you like to prepare yourself by dreaming about all the little details that make Paris?

Like visiting the museum of Louvre?



if you kept nodding your head in approval, you have come to the right place

Let me take you to the streets of paris


Meet the girl behind the lens


Hello there, i’m Merja, passionate about photography and in particular, fine art street photography.

I mostly shoot here in my hometown of Paris, but as I like to travel with my family, there is a wanderlust part in my portfolio as well.

I’m a natural light photographer and light and shadows are my main motivators.

For me photography is all about seeing light and feeling it.

I’m not a native to this city, but Parisian by adoption. My very first contact with Paris was unforgettable, at the age of 18; staying in a one star hotel near Gare du Nord railway station, woken up in the middle of the night by an erring mouse.

Times have changed since but Paris continues to surprise me. Decades later, I still find little marvels of everyday life here, combined with real nuisances such as commuting on the metro line 13 on a daily basis.


Welcome to my world

There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer.
— Ansel Adams

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