Never say never

Blogging is something I never considered starting.

Too personal and at the same so trivial, who on earth would be interested to read my ramblings.

Then, with the time passing, different thoughts came to the surface. First, personal, I wish I had a sort of a visual diary of my years spent in Paris, I still remember everything and can be transported back to any given moment of my life here. At any corner of a street, I can experience an instant throw back in time: “Instead of this bobo bar, they used to have a modest café serving the best Kirs in the whole Marais”. Even if I remembered that today, my memories might be gone tomorrow. so I want to record these instants.

shadow of a woman on a building with Hotel de Paris sign. Paris street photography by Merja Varkemaa.

Second thought, whilst participating in different photo forums and social media, the idea of sharing has become very important to me. I enjoy so much reading about the lives of my fellow photographers in different parts of the world and seeing through their images how they live. Through this sharing, the world becomes a village. Let me give you some concrete examples. Some weeks ago the terrible event in Christchurch, New Zealand felt so close to home because my dear online friend Julia lives next door. Every time I read about Sydney, Australia, I see the soulful images of my dear Katy in my head. Any news from Georgia, US have a different interest since I know my talented friend Sarah, whom I even met in New York. And even the far away Texas has become close since I met my long time friend Ashlee and her family here in Paris. Last but not least, sharing photography has brought into my life Mary Pat and her family from Boston who have become more Finnish than I am since last summer. And I almost forgot to mention the lovely photog friends that I have been able to meet here in Paris: Sue, Sharmilla, Kathy and Lindsey. Photography has brought us all together.

In a nutshell, I’d like to combine both aspects and start blogging so my aging brain would have a little notebook to browse through. I would also love that some of you would say “my friend Merja in Paris…”

Woman photographing in Louvre. Paris Street Photography by Merja Varkemaa.

So stay tuned if you are interested in reading my weekly short notes about Paris, served together with images either fresh from my camera or saved from the depths of my hard drive. Stories and images will mostly be Paris street photography, but I promise to have some input from travels or life in general as well. I’m going to write in English, as it comes easier than writing in French. I might even write a note or two in my native Finnish, apologies in advance for those who can’t read Finnish.

The warmest of welcomes to you my friend!

Boy running down spiral staircase by Merja Varkemaa